Two Types of Apps You Should Consider as EMS

Event managers are continually reaping the benefits of the event management software. As this type of software continually expands in terms of features, it is also bearing fruit in terms of offshoot products like mobile applications or the event app.

It makes sense that many event professionals are looking for mobile solutions. After all, most modern smartphones can do just about anything that a desktop computer can. If you are looking for mobile applications as event management solutions (EMS), you should be aware of the two major types: the delegate event app and the check-in app.

1.) Delegate Event App

This type of mobile application is designed for the attendees themselves. Find below its top two features:

  1. Access to Important Event Information

An event app is a handy resource when it comes to pertinent event information. As long as your attendees have downloaded it to their mobile devices, they will be able to see the fundamentals of the event such as who the speakers are, where to find different seating blocks, and even who else are coming to the event.

  1. Networking Tools

Delegate event apps are also highly coveted for their networking capabilities. If you are organising professional or business conferences, it is important that you provide different avenues for your attendees to interact with one another. A delegate event app can help in this regard through features such as in-app messaging and matchmaking.

2.) Check-in App

On the other hand, there’s the check-in app that was meant for event organisers like you. This type of application caters to a very specific process in the event lifecycle: the check-in process. Find below its top two features:

  1. Guest List Management

Guest list management can become a daunting task, especially if you are organising a big event. If you are still using paper guest lists, do know that there is now mobile technology to take care of guest list management. Through the check-in app, you will have access to your guest lists – may they be for simultaneous events – and see updates in real time. You will be able to see who have already registered, who have already checked in, and who have cancelled their reservations.

  1. QR Code Scanner

The QR code scanner comes as a powerful bonus to the check-in app. It basically transforms any mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, into a ticket reader. There’s no more need for you to invest in additional hardware just to confirm the validity of your attendees’ tickets. You and your staff members can simply download the check-in app in multiple devices to do the trick.

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